AktivAsia envisages an equitable world where people impacted by injustice have the skills, knowledge and determination to create a flourishing future.

Our mission is to facilitate training, education, research and organising, to catalyse powerful people movements.

"This training is unique - not the usual training you will find online.”
– Angelika Marie David

AktivAsia is a leading training organisation in campaign strategy and organising which supports activists working on climate justice and energy transition in Asia.

AktivAsia delivers this through finding, enabling and strengthening a dynamic network of experienced organisers, trainers, educators, facilitators and coaches who serve to catalyse collaborative national campaigns and support movement needs.

In all the geographies it works, AktivAsia is establishing contextualised, locally-driven and led national training programs that support the needs of campaigners and organisers in Asia. We respond to capacity gaps and contexts on the ground, building partnerships with local CSOs and community groups to reach both community leaders at the frontlines of the climate crisis, as well as early stage and seasoned campaigners.

We work closely with the movement to respond to people where they are at in their campaigning and organising journey, and co-design training experiences that meet their needs. We carefully identify individuals and organisations that are playing an emerging role in the climate justice movements in their countries and try to support them.

We recruit past alumni into training roles and work closely with them to build their capacity over sustained periods. This helps to build a pool of highly skilled facilitators who recruit, train, and pass on those skills to others.

Our Team

At the heart of AktivAsia’s work are its people. With diverse teams across five countries, we are leaders, activists, educators, and facilitators focussed on strengthening grassroots movements and actions.

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